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Call Center Technology

We have maintained a state-of-the-art call center data center in Toronto to serve as a call center outsourcing firm to a wide range of corporate houses and individual professionals for their various call-center-based business service requirements. Our robust and fully customizable call center software provides online live reports for your campaigns.

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Call Center Services

We provide call center outsourcing services to the following industries. If your industry is not listed here please feel free to mail us (click here to send email) and we will provide you an instant customized call center solution based on your budget, time zone, industry and business needs.

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Call Center Outsourcing Company Toronto

Norbell is a full call center (telephone answering) outsourcing provider company in Toronto. We are one of the largest 24x7 call center outsourcing service provider companies in North America. As a call center outsourcing company (Business Process Outsourcing firm) in Canada, we provide all types of telesales services, telemarketing services and tele-support service to all types of industries of any size.

With Norbell you can run a fully customized inbound call center service, outbound call center service in multiple languages, time zone and dialect preferences.

Norbell Call Center Outsourcing Service Benefits

  • No minimum contract required
  • No setup fee, No hidden cost
  • No hardware/software license fee
  • Highly competent full-time agents
  • Customize campaign as per your budget, time zone and industry needs
  • Be assured of brand alignment and representation
  • Strict quality control and stringent data security
  • Services since 1998. Secure proprietary data centers with robust technology.

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Call Center Services

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  •    Unique & Proven Business   

  •    Knowledge Based Work  

  •    We Specialize in Many Industries  

  •    Hospitality Industry   

  •    Telecommunications Industry  

  •    Finance & Insurance Industry   

  •    Medical Industry  

  •    Manufacturing Industry  

  •    Service Industry   

  •    E-Health Industry   

  •    Entertainment Industry  

  •    CTI & Screen Pop-Ups   

  •    Recording Listen-in  

  •    Barge-in capabilities  

  •    Remote Support & Management  

  •    Automatic Backup  

  •    Hosted Secure FTP  

  •    Merchant Gateways  

  •    Automated Back Office  

  •    Professional Executive Team  

  •    Global Presence  

  •    Multiple Languages  

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