Outbound Services

Norbell's tele-professionals help you turn your prospects into customers, and then your customers into advocates. We focus on building a relationship that lasts by using a personalized approach that provides the value addition necessary to maintain and grow your client base. Our outbound capabilities include :

We use predictive dialing to connect to customers. Our tele-sales techniques also include:

Win Backs: We approach your 'expired' customers in order to identify any need that the customer has come up with. Extending right offer at the right time can always activate a stale inquiry.

Target Markets: We reduce your time and cost by identifying key decision-makers and discovering their budgets before you spend resources on more costly mail or sales calls. Thus, we give you right target in order to convert your calls in to sales.

Re-Location: Tapping people who have just moved residence within the new locality and asking them to pre-register for your service or organization.

Renewals: Telemarketing is the most efficient way to secure repeat buyers; the repeat customers are the brand loyal who are valued brand ambassadors too.

In today's corporate world, appointment seeking is the keystone in generating new business. It is an extremely effective marketing tool for mortgage brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, contractors, and most service providers as it gets them in front of their prospect. And there is nothing stronger, nothing more effective than a face-to-face meeting.

We render services in contacting new customers and securing additional sales, even when your other products are seemingly unrelated.

We are capable of Up-Selling & Cross-Selling, Sales Lead Generation, Market Research & Surveys, Database Cleaning and Updating, Internet Response follow-up, Collection of Past Dues, Third Party Verification, Record Verification, Fraud Detection /Prevention Calls, Damage Control and Disaster Recovery Services, Welcome / Thank-you Calls, Other Client Initiated Information, Continuity Sales Calls, Affinity Programs, Partnership Programs, Loyalty Programs and any kind of Message Delivery.